Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

I specialize in a type of therapy called psychodynamic psychotherapy.  This approach emphasizes the role of self-reflection and insight in fostering meaningful change.  For me it, it all comes back to a basic question - why do we keep doing the things that we know cause us problems?  Psychodynamic therapy seeks to answer that question by looking at the parts of ourselves that lay outside our immediate awareness.  This can include uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, or more general ways of viewing ourselves, others, and the world.  By increasing awareness of these more subtle aspects of ourselves we can start the process of lasting change - change that's more than a quick fix.  Psychodynamic therapy views people as being more than just a set of behaviors and symptoms to be solved.  It acknowledges the complexity and uniqueness of the individual and recognizes the power of understanding. 

Located in the Hwy 290 Corridor

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